Social Responsibility
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BRASS adheres to the concept of having the community as part of its company’s stakeholders. Working with the community establishes good reputation that develops lasting confidence and ensures sustainability. It is important for this concept to be embedded in our ideals so that during the design concept phase of our projects, it is ensured that the community interest is taken into consideration.

In the implementation of our projects, the following considerations are made:
1. Development of company procedures that are aligned to ensure operational safety and protection of the environment.
2. Ensure compliance with local legislation, codes and standards.

Our company strives to maintain its position as one of the leading pipeline engineers in the industry. It envisions to achieve this by enlisting the assistance of external organizations such as the Accion RSE, a nonprofit organization that provide assistance for the development of the company’s social programs as aligned with the local community.

Some of the community programs the company has ventured includes:
1. Supporting local orphanage by improving living facilities such as heating and ventilation, provide beddings, install cooking facilities, and provide classrooms.
2. Provide funding for educational scholarship for deserving students.
3. Provide financial assistance to physically disabled children.

BRASS Engineering, 2013