Integrated Environmental Management
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Our company’s commitment to Environmental Management is not only in implementing in-house energy conservation programs but also in ensuring that pipeline projects in development are evaluated with the utmost consideration for reduction of carbon footprint. This program is aligned to augment our ISO-14001 certification.
In-house energy conservation program includes installation of motion detectors to automatically controlling aerial lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation.

The most aggressive program in-place is the control of the equivalent carbon emission. The graph below shows the equivalent emission recorded during the last 3 years.

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In 2102, BRASS compensated 50% of the annual emission by contracting Chilean Patagonia ( to plant and manage 2045 trees. This effort was made possible with the participation and support of each employee.

BRASS is one of the first engineering company that has implemented a program of identifying the equivalent carbon footprint of an engineered pipeline project. The calculated equivalent gases emitted is inclusive from all levels of engineering through construction and startup. It takes into account emissions spent for drawing and document production, equipment fabrication, transportation, construction, installation and energy spent during startup.

BRASS Engineering, 2013